Friday, February 11, 2011

Sassy Saturday Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

Hello Everyone!
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Today our talented Maven Erin has a wonderful  tutorial for you...So here is Erin

Here is a fun little flower that I created using ribbon, of which I have tons and I am always looks for fun uses for it.

1) The supplies you will need for this flower are:
- paper - a heavier weight cardstock works best so it does not tear
- flower punch or use a cricuit or hand draw and cut, what ever suits your fancy
- ribbon
- needle - size 14 or 16 or so, large enough for your ribbon to fit
- tape
- hole punch - i used my big bite puncher
- brad, button, pearl, or other fun center for your flower
- pencil

2) Punch out the shape you want your flower to be. I used a 6 petal rounded flower and a circle. This has many option, have fun and pick out different shapes and see what you get. Place a dot in pencil in the middle of the flower for you center, then place dots where you flower "petals" are going to go.

3) Using your hole punch punch holes in the paper using your pencil dots as your guide to where you are punching (doing the pencil first gives you a more even look instead of eyeballing it). I used a bigger hole in the middle since more layers of ribbon is going through that one.

4) Starting from the bottom of your flower (what you call the bottom of your paper), tape the end of the ribbon so it does pull through while you lace or sew it in your flower. Lace from each "petal" towards the middle, so not skip any sections, but do not go from petal to petal, even in the back (you can see it from the front). Have fun with your ribbon, if it is two sided like mine, flip it around for fun to see the different colors. As you are sewing, do not pull to tight on the ribbon, it gives it a stretched look. Also be careful when sewing through the holes, it is paper and it can break. An option here is to use eyelets in the holes to give them more strength. I did break one of my holes when making one, and I just used clear tape to patch it up.

5) When you are done lacing your ribbon through all the holes, use tape to secure the ribbon in the back so it does not fall out. The place a fun center in the middle. I used pearls, but a button, some bling, another small flower, brad, or other fun item would work great too.

Here is an example of theses flowers in a layout. Enjoy!!

Erin we so appreciate your wonderful tutorial-
please let us know if you make some of these flowers.


  1. Well that's cute!!! Thank you for yet another amazing idea and great tutorial!

  2. Lovely flowers... and easy enough that even I can make them! Love that!
    Barb :)

  3. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. This is a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Lovely idea.
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V
    ENT Surgeon and Avid Crafter


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