Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sassy Saturday Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

Hi everyone, Fern here! I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday, that you've got your Christmas Shopping done, and maybe you want to try something new.   Well, I have just the project for you!  This week it's my turn to share a tutorial with you and I hope you like it! :o)

About two years ago over on Split Coast Stampers they demonstrated how to make  a background using paper napkins...  I have used this numerous times since then and I just love it..  You can really personalize a page this way..  Like using the napkin from a birthday party to make the Birthday layout, or the wedding napkin on the Wedding layout.. so many possibilities!!  You can also use this on cards!!

Supplies you will need:
Paper Napkin
Saran Wrap
Tape runner

Most of your paper napkins are just 2 ply, but some of the more expensive ones are up to 4 ply... You will need to peel the top layer off and discard all of the other layers..

Now, I would iron the napkin at this time..  Just the napkin.. Notice how thin the napkin is... The cardstock that you choose to iron it on should compliment the color of the napkin... Notice I chose a yellow cardstock..

Now you will need 2 pieces of saran wrap at least 1 to 2 inches longer than your cardstock... Lay this over your cardstock, and it doesn't matter if you overlay the saran wrap, in fact you need to overlay it.

Now lay your napkin over the saran wrap and cardstock print side up.. Some napkins are a little larger than the cardstock so try to center it..

Now use your iron on the hottest setting and starting at one corner very gently press..  Now go very slowly from the top to the bottom so you can smooth out the napkin as you go and not get any bubbles or creases in your napkin...  You will notice as you iron the saran wrap will "let go" and you can easily pull the excess away.

After you get it ironed, turn it over and run your tape along all the edges and very gently tape the napkin edges down..  You can now back it with another piece of cardstock at this time..  Or, before you start, cut the cardstock you're going to iron the napkin on smaller so that you can frame it with the other cardstock..

Now you're ready to scrap....  

I really loved the border on this napkin, so here's what I came up with...  I also used this weeks sketch again for this layout of little Colten... He his showing me an acorn he has in his hand.. 

I hope you liked my tutorial and will try it out... You can also come by and visit me, I will have the other projects that I've made up on my blog for you to see...  I have 4 cards and a couple of layouts!!!   Thanks for stopping by and
Have a wonderful day!!  


  1. Fern that is amazing. I never would have thought to use a NAPKIN in scrapping! WOW you amaze me everyday! I love it! I have napkins from Cs second birthday party that I would like to do this with, now where is my iron? LOL!

  2. What an awesome tutorial! I love what you did with these napkins! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Now how super creative is this?!!!!! Such a fun project....I'm giving this a whirl with one of our Christmas napkins! Thanks, Fern for such a fabby idea!
    Kim xXx

  4. Wow...what a neat idea! I never would have thought of this in a million years. Your layout is gorgeous, and I never would have known you used a cheap napkin. Brilliant!

  5. WOW!! Fern fantastic tutorial!

  6. Fern- this is just perfect! Great job with showing the steps so clearly.
    Such a fun way to save a great memento.

  7. Fab tutorial, Fern! I have some beautiful napkins and I use them on crafy creations, but I never thought of ironing them to a cs. Doesn't it stick to the iron?
    It looks so great!

  8. Very pretty...Thank you Fern for the tutorial. I will have to give this a try. TFS

  9. Li-bee-ti, try not to iron directly on the saran wrap, just iron the napkin.. If you get a little on your iron it's okay... I use my good iron, actually my only iron and I've had no problems at all!!! Hugs!!!

  10. Fern... fabulous idea!! And so simple that even I might be able to do it!! I am going to try this one for sure!! Your tute was great...very simple to follow!!
    barb :)

  11. Enjoy your holiday. Hugs! P.S. last day to enter my giveaway today

  12. Wow, what a great tutorial.

  13. wonderful idea!!! thanks for sharing :)


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