Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Day to Join Us!

Wow, such an awesome month for us here at Sketches in Thyme!  We are so delighted to see so many entries for our weekly sketches! :) 
Today is the last day to enter for a chance to win this fantastic pirze.....
Here is how we will choose our winner. We will add all the entries from Week 4 down and get a number of total entries.
Example: Week 4 = 6 entries
Week 3 = 25 entries
Week 2 = 25 entries
Week 1 = 30 entries
We would have a total of 86 entries. We would enter 1-86 on and then get a winning number. Let's say the number is 46. Then the winner would be the 46th entry from the top down, or number 15 in Week 2. 
Leave some feedback as to how you enjoyed having weekly sketches and inspiration! We will be back tomorrow with a brand new sketch by our very own Senior Maven, Bev Code. 
Happy Scrapping, 

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