Saturday, January 8, 2011

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Hi, It`s Lizaveta here.
Sometimes you have a very nice button that does not fit the color for your project. And I want to tell you about a method of decorating the buttons.

You will need to work:
- Acrylic paint or gesso ;
- Button ;
- Brush ;
- Crackle paint "picked fence";
- Alcohol inks "Latte".

Step 1: Apply the paint on the button with a brush.
This is to ensure that with further application Crackle paint, he was showered upon drying. Since the substrate Crackle paint on a smooth surface (like buttons), he showered upon drying.

Step 2: Apply a crackle paint "picked fence" on the button and give it to dry.

Step 3: After drying applied to the surface alcohol ink. They are very persistent and can not be erased.

And so our result.

Also, I have prepared for you a template on which cut out a small house for my last LO.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Great idea and wonderfl turorial!

  2. Okay, now THAT's a reason to start getting alcohol ink! Thank you for such a cool tutorial AND a reason to go shopping.

  3. Such a fun tutorial to share sweetie! Great job with this one.

  4. Love this tutorial. Will have to give this a try.

  5. Wow great tip! Never thought of that! Thanks for sharing.

  6. great tutorial, I'm filing that one away for sure. Love the sketch too.

  7. what a great tutorial, this will come in handy!


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