Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Introducing the Sketchy Mavens....

Ever wonder what a "Maven" is? I'll tell you, a lady who is dazzlingly talented in her field or craft. Hence my little Sketchy Mavens. These ladies are among the most dazzlingly talented I know out in blog land. I'll be introducing one Maven a day until our first sketch challenge, which will go live on June 3, 2010.

So without further ado, I'm pleased and honored to introduce.

Maven Dawn and Pippie
Five reasons I am excited to be a Maven:

Because it is an honor to be asked by such a talented lady like yourself
I really love to scrapbook and never take enough time to do layouts
I love, love, love to use sketches
I love the team of ladies you have chosen to be members
Who wouldn't want to be a Maven?
Pippie said she wanted me to join
I love to see my name out in the blog world

Please visit Dawn today and say a sketchy "Hello!"

Take our blog badge and spread the word. If you love to scrapbook using sketches, this is the place to be!

Happy Scrapping,


  1. LOL YOU CHEATED!!! That's more than 5!!!

    I am cracking up.. Pippie wanted you to join.

  2. sounds fun, Pippie is very persuasive ;)

  3. I should have asked Sassy - LOL! What a great picture of you and Pippie!!

  4. That is to funny! How funny that you grabbed that picture. Pippie says thank you, and so do I .Thrilled to be a Sketchy Maven.

  5. Now those are some great reasons for wanting to be a Maven!! My personal favorite is the name!!
    Barb :)

  6. Hi Dawn! Those are fabulous reasons.

  7. Great reasons & I'm glad Pippie talked you into it!!! :)

  8. That Pippie is quiet the character, and so stinking cute. great reasons.

  9. oh you got a super picture of dawn!!!

  10. Love the picture Dawn! Now I need mine with my furbaby(dog) Zoey! She says yes to everything I want!

  11. What a fun new challenge... love the blogs I am seeing to the left... congrats Mavens!!!


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